Hurricane shutters offer several benefits that can help increase your FL home’s value, including those below. SAFETY: HURRICANE SHUTTERS PROTECT YOUR HOME AND LOVED ONES Hurricane shutters are designed and tested to withstand the toughest Florida storms. Storm shutters are built of impact resistant materials, such as metal, aluminum and polycarbonate. They can withstand up to a category 5 hurricane. So you can rest assured, even when a really bad storm hits. Why? Because Storm shutters are made to protect your home’s most vulnerable openings from wind gusts and flying objects, such as your windows, doors and lanais. But more importantly they will protect your loved ones and prized possessions inside your home. This protection is surely something that anyone, such as a potential home buyer would find value in.


Hurricane shutters are made to protect your Florida home’s vulnerable openings. Regular glass and screens can easily be damaged or broken during a storm. Storm shutters prevent damage and needed repairs by creating an impact resistant barrier between your glass and flying objects. This means less broken glass, less ripped and torn screens, etc. In the end storm shutters help you save money on damage and repairs.


Certain kinds of shutters also provide added security protection for your home, condo or business in Florida. This is especially helpful when you are not at home for extended periods of time. For example, roll down storm shutters can help turn your home into a fortress. They offer ultimate protection from severe weather and intruders. This type of shutter is installed to cover your windows and doors. It comes in either manual or automatic (motorized versions) that both lock. They block access to your property’s vulnerable points of entry, which prevents intruders from getting in. PROVIDE AESTHETIC APPEAL AND BEAUTY TO YOUR HOME Impact resistant shutters are designed to be tough as nails. But certain types of hurricane shutters can also transform your home with their style and appeal. Bahama shutters, for instance, are common type of shutter on houses in the Caribbean islands of Bermuda and Bahama. They also offer strong storm protection and can take an ordinary home and completely transform it with Caribbean style and character. Colonial shutters have a similar effect by installing providing a home with Southern charm. Much like a fresh coat of paint and landscaping hurricane shutters can add dramatic value to your home’s curb appeal. And this of course adds a lot of value! HURRICANE SHUTTERS INCREASE HOME VALUE IN FLORIDA Outside of protecting you and your property shutters add value to your home. Installing storm shutters for windows and doors is a great selling feature for many reasons. First, prospective buyers will value the investment you made in your home (or business, or condo, etc.). Hurricane shutters are a worthwhile investment, but they are still an investment. Others will see the value that your home has with the shutters installed because they will not have to install them themselves. This is a strong selling feature as it saves the new homeowner time and money. It also allows them to jump into a safe and secure home right away. Second, investing in your home shows pride of ownership. Seeing you invested in hurricane shutters signals to buyers that you made an effort and investment to maintain and protect your home. This adds assurance to a prospective buyer. Most buyers are worried about what could go wrong with a home after a purchase. Last, storm shutters are attractive to buyers. They are something that many buyers seek out when shopping for houses, condos, etc. They help to make your home stand out from competing houses similar to granite countertops, fresh paint and new flooring. In turn, hurricane shutters can make your home more attractive and desired by the buyer pool. And generally a more desired home will have higher competition and better offers. Speak with the pros at Ez Up Shutters today to get connected with a trusted window contractor in your area to install hurricane shutters, glass, or other features to protect your home and family from storm damage.

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